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Building Regulations Drawings for a single storey extension Full Plans Application for a fixed fee - we will upgrade your planning drawings for your extension and compile a full Building Regs Package.

Single Storey Extension Building Regs Package  Just £595.00

For a fixed fee of just £595.00 we will upgrade your Planning Drawings for a Single Storey Extension to a Full Package of Building Regulations Drawings and Specifications.

Our Building Regulations Packages are suitable for the purposes of obtaining Full Plans Building Regulations approval or for the validation of a Building Notice.

Stage 1 - Instruction To Proceed:

When you are satisfied that the development of your Planning Drawings is complete you can instruct us to upgrade your drawings to a Full Building Regulations Package. It will take us approximately 2 weeks to get your Building Regs Package ready for release. Upon in instruction to proceed we will issue you with an invoice for the works (£595.00) which will need to be paid within 14 days and prior to the release of the final package.

Stage 2 - Production of the Building Regulations Package:

We will base your Building Regulations Package on the most recent version of your planning drawing drawings. Each Building Regs package is tailored to its specific project but generally the documents will be prepared as listed below:

Stage 3 - Submission to Building Control

Once we have generated your Building Regs Package and collected any specialist design packages (ie the structural calculations if required), we will submit your application to Building Control on your behalf. They will check our plans and let us know if they would like any changes to our proposals.

When Building Control have confirmed that you can proceed with the build we will issue you with 2 printed copies of the Building Regulations package.

Included In Our Price:

Single Storey Extension

Planning Drawings Package  

FIXED at JUST £795.00

Single Storey Extension

Building Regulations Package  

FIXED at JUST £595.00

Single Storey Extension

Structural Calculations From Just £95.00

There is sometimes a requirement for structural calculations to be provided for steel beams to span large openings or other structurally sensitive alterations to your project. As the structural requirements for each and every project can be so different it is impossible for us to include structural design and calculations in our standard packages, some projects require no structural work while others could require significant input from a structural engineer.

In order that every customer gets the best possible value for money we do not provide structural calculations. Instead we have a panel of suitably qualified engineers who provide us with competitive quotations for the specific structural requirements of your project - we pass these quotes straight to you, together with the bulk discounts we get from the engineers, so you can be sure you are getting great value for money.

You can be sure that you will only pay for the structural expertise that your project requires, if your project requires no structural calculations (ie if you are not planning to demolish large load bearing walls) then you will pay no additional fees.

If you think that you will need steel supports for openings etc then as a rule of thumb you should expect to pay about £95.00 in structural engineers fees for each steel beam that you will require. We will always get you a competitive quotation for your structural calculations so you can be confident you are getting great value for money.