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Building Regulations Drawings for a permitted development single storey extension Full Plans Application for a fixed fee - we will upgrade your planning drawings for your extension and compile a full Building Regs Package.


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Feedback Is Important To Us, It Has Made Us What We Are…

We receive a lot of positive feedback, it makes us very proud when we’re told we are doing a good job.

In the early days we also received some (but not much) not so positive feedback, we didn’t like receiving anything other than well deserved praise so we developed and improved our service accordingly - it is now very rare that we receive anything other than extremely positive feedback, so we are confident that we’re doing things very well.

You can find some independent feedback relating to our services on the MyBuilder website. The costs associated with the MyBuilder service did not work well with our business model so we stopped sourcing our work through the site, but we do still highly recommend to our customers that is a very good place to look for potential builders for their projects.

What Our Customers Tell Us…

Lets face it, it would be easy to make up some lines of positive feedback and put it on our website. We’re not in to things like that, what would be the point?

We find the best feedback is the type that is received in day to day correspondence, so we’ve created a page here where we shall share some of the comments we receive.

The most positive feedback we receive (and our favourite) is when a new customer uses our service based on the recommendation of a friend or colleague who has has previously used our services. We are extremely proud to be able to state that roughly 40% of our new projects now come from recommendation, whether that be from previous customers or builders who find working from our drawings to be very easy.




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