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Low cost planning drawings with no up-front fees.


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No Up Front Fees…

We do not believe in collecting fees before we’ve proved to you that we can and will deliver on our commitments.

Once you have decided that we provide the right service for you, we will visit your property to get to know you and your requirements in greater detail. We will assess your expectations and let you know the feasibility of satisfying your ambitions, we will also offer advise and guidance.  

If your proposals are achievable, we will ask you to sign a form to instruct us to proceed with your project. We shall then undertake a full measured survey - click here to find out why we think it is important to conduct a site survey.

In the days that follow, a full set of accurate As Existing drawings will be produced for your property. These drawings will form the basis on which your whole scheme will be developed, so it is very important that they are correct and accurate. We invest a lot of time and effort in to ensuring that these drawings are of the highest standard.

The first fees you will need to pay only become due for payment when we have delivered the As Existing drawings, which is usually within just 5 working days of the site survey, giving you confidence that we will deliver.

A Direct Bank Transfer Keeps Payments Simple…

We collect our fees via bank transfer, we provide all the details you will need to simply transfer fees directly and keep track of progress.



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